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iDevAffiliate 8 Is Finally Here!

We are pleased to announce, the long awaited iDevAffiliate 8 is now available for download in your account. The new version has an update user interface making it much more user friendly and easier to manage.


Along with the new UI, comes more than 30 built-in admin training videos consisting of more than 3 1/2 hours worth of instructions.


We’ve stripped out any/all Flash features from the new version. As you may or may not be aware, Flash is not compatible with mobile devices and we all know mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. Any older Flash based features have been replaced with HTML5 versions. One example would be Page Peels which now run with HTML5/CSS instead of Flash.

Another new enhancement is the email feature. We’ve upgraded it so you can email all your affiliates using your provided tokens without worry of a browser timeout. Little things that make a nice difference have been added such as being able to set a direct URL for banners and sort all your marketing materials so they are delivered to your affiliates just the way you want them to be.


Like to offer your affiliates training videos? You got it. With iDevAffiliate 8 you can now upload your own Youtube or Vimeo videos.. or we have our affiliate training videos package available now with the ability to brand your own logo directly inside our professionally built video library! VAT has been added as an option as well as PDF invoicing.


We’ve also added GEO identification to incoming traffic as well as commission records.


Also added as an add-on module, is Vanity Coupon Codes. If you’re doing coupon code commissioning, this feature will allow your affiliates to request a specific coupon code that you can then approve or decline for them.

Of course no major update would be complete without enhanced security features and tons of little updates to existing features!

How do I get this update?

Existing Customers
Login to your customer account on our website.
Login Now

Once logged in, click on My Packages then View Details (next to your iDevAffiliate order), then click the Downloads button and download iDevAffiliate 8.

New Customers
Just purchase iDevAffiliate and you will automatically get iDevAffiliate 8 available to you for installation!

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iDevAffiliate 7.4 Update

Get The iDevAffiliate 7.4 Update

I know it’s only been a few weeks since the iDevAffiliate 7.3 update but we really felt the need to get this update package out to you as quickly as possible. As we all know, the usage of “smart devices” such as tablets and smart phones to access the Internet is steadily becoming more and more popular. That being said, we always want to present our visitors with the best possible viewing experience. The 7.4 update now includes a “responsive” template. If you’re not familiar with the term “responsive” where web development is concerned, have a look at the video below for a demonstration and tutorial on the new templates being offered with iDevAffiliate.

Get The iDevAffiliate 7.4 Update

affiliate program for member mouse for wordpress
Also included with the iDevAffiliate 7.4 release, is a new integration with Member Mouse! This is an exciting integration for us primarily because we’ve yet to see such an in-depth integration be completed with iDevAffiliate. Eric and his team at Member Mouse really went above and beyond with the integration. This isn’t just the typical “create a commission” integration. They have basically taken advantage of all the APIs we make available for commission removal, and we even built-in some new stuff just for Member Mouse for Payout Level assignments and much more. For the complete list of things this incredible integration does, have a look at the video below.

Member Mouse Integration Videos Member Mouse Integration Tutorial

If you ordered professional update service to 7.3, we’ll be happy to update your system to 7.4 for you, free of charge until Nov 1st, 2013. Simply open a support ticket and provide us with your order number and/or payment receipt number as well as required login credentials (FTP and iDevAffiliate).

Get The iDevAffiliate 7.4 Update

WooCommerce Subscriptions Affiliate Plugin


For iDevAffiliate 8+ Users

While we’ve been integrating with WooCommerce for many years now, we haven’t had an integration for WooCommerce Subscriptions – that is, until now! Our new WooCommerce Subscriptions integration comes in the form of a WordPress plugin. The entire integration is done directly in your WordPress admin center. Coupon code commissioning is supported “out of the box”, as is per-product commissioning!


There are two different WooCommerce plugins available. One for regular purchases made with WooCommerce and one for WooCommerce Subscriptions. See below to learn which you should be installing.

  • Only using WooCommerce: Use the iDevAffiliate Plugin for WooCommerce.
  • Only using WooCommerce Subscriptions: Use this iDevAffiliate Plugin for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Using both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions – Use both plugins together.
Integration Instructions

1. Download iDevAffiliate Plugin for WooCommerce Subscriptions

2. Enable WooCommerce Subscriptions in your Shopping Cart Integration Wizard – found in your iDevAffiliate admin center. Note: Just enable WooCommerce if you don’t see WooCommerce Subscriptions in the list.

3. Login to WordPress and go to Plugins. Use the plugin (downloaded above) to complete the install.


4. In WordPress, go to WooCommerce -> Settings then click on the Integrations tab. There you can enter your iDevAffiliate Installation URL.


You’re all done integrating iDevAffiliate with WooCommerce.

Special Note

When using Coupon Code Commissioning along with Per-Product Commissioning, you have multiple commission rates defined. One for the coupon code and one for each product. When both are used together, the coupon code takes priority and will trump per-product commissioning.

Affiliate Tracking for Blesta – New Plugin!


For iDevAffiliate 8+ Users

Are you a Blesta user looking for a fully integrated affiliate package? iDevAffiliate may be just what you’re looking for. We now have a plugin available that makes integration a snap! Be up and running with your affiliate system in just minutes!

Download iDevAffiliate/Blesta Plugin

Integration Instructions

1. Download the idevaffiliate_blesta.zip file to your local computer using the button above. Once downloaded, unzip the package. You will have a new /idevaffiliate folder with the Blesta files in it.

2. Using your favorite FTP browser, upload the /idevaffiliate folder and all its contents to your plugins/ folder. Note: Use AUTO-DETECT mode when uploading files.


3. Login to your Blesta admin center and go to Settings > Plugins then view the Available Plugins. You should see iDevAffiliate in the list now.


4. Click the Install button then the Manage button.

5. Enable iDevAffiliate and enter your iDevAffiliate Installation URL then hit the Save button.


That’s it! You’re done. iDevAffiliate is now completely integrated with Blesta for commission processing!

WooCommerce Plugin w/ Per-Product Commissioning


For iDevAffiliate 8+ Users

While we’ve been integrating with WooCommerce for many years now, we have recently improved the integration by creating an official plugin. This means no more editing the existing WooCommerce file with iDevAffiliate code. Everything is done directly in your WordPress admin center now. Coupon code commissioning has always been supported for WooCommerce but now with this plugin per-product commissioning is supported as well, right “out of the box” – no custom programming needed!


There are two different WooCommerce plugins available. One for regular purchases made with WooCommerce and one for WooCommerce Subscriptions. See below to learn which you should be installing.

Integration Instructions

1. Download iDevAffiliate Plugin for WooCommerce

2. Existing Customers Only Edit your /wp-content/themes/[themename]/functions.php file and remove the existing iDevAffiliate code in it. This will remove/undo the current WooCommerce integration.

3. Enable WooCommerce in your Shopping Cart Integration Wizard – found in your iDevAffiliate admin center.

4. Login to WordPress and go to Plugins. Use the plugin (downloaded above) to complete the install.


5. In WordPress, go to WooCommerce -> Settings then click on the Integrations tab. There you can enter your iDevAffiliate Installation URL.


You’re all done integrating iDevAffiliate with WooCommerce.

Special Note

When using Coupon Code Commissioning along with Per-Product Commissioning, you have multiple commission rates defined. One for the coupon code and one for each product. When both are used together, the coupon code takes priority and will trump per-product commissioning.

Preventing Duplicate Commissions

If you’re seeing duplicate commissions it’s likely due to the tracking pixel being loaded multiple times in the browser during checkout. For example, the customer refreshes the page and the tracking pixel is triggered again. You can resolve this issue with fraud control settings built directly in to iDevAffiliate.

Settings Location
Admin Center: General Settings > Fraud Control

Enable fraud control settings and if you’re getting a unique order number on your commissions choose ORDER NUMBER, NO EMAIL. If you don’t get a unique order number for your commissions choose TIME DELAY instead and set the time delay to something like 120 minutes. That will prevent a second commission from coming in for the same affiliate/customer combination for the duration set.

iDevAffiliate 8.1 Update

We are happy to announce the release of iDevAffiliate 8.1. This is really a maintenance release with some small bug fixes and a few new feature enhancements. The primary motive for this release is to make iDevAffiliate PHP 5.5 compliant. With this new release comes a new requirement. iDevAffiliate now requires PHP 5.3 or higher whereas the old requirements were simply 5.0 or higher. Most servers already have PHP 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5 enabled and this shouldn’t be an issue but before upgrading your system, please confirm with your web hosting provider and/or server admin.

How To Upgrade!
The upgrade is currently available for you in the client area on our website. Please review the PDF document (button below) for step-by-step upgrade instructions from iDevAffiliate 8.0 to 8.1.

PDF – iDevAffiliate 8.0 to 8.1 Upgrade Instructions

New Installation
The download package available in your account after purchase already includes the 8.1 installation package.

What’s new in the 8.1 release?
As mentioned above, we have enhanced a few features and patched a few minor bugs.. as well as added and updated a few of the cart integration instructions.

Patch Updates

  • mod_security bug resolved – for those who have mod_security enabled.
  • SEO link bug in Email Templates resolved.
  • Affiliate Training Videos: Logo display resolved – only affected some servers.
  • Affiliate Training Videos: Ability to select specific videos on/off resolved.
  • Affiliate Training Videos: New IPN method for ordering videos implemented – old method was bugged.
  • PPC bug resolved.

New/Updated Cart Integrations

  • Added: Pro Wager Systems
  • Added: Optimize Press
  • Updated: OpenCart
  • Updated: MemberMouse
  • Updated: PrestaShop

Feature Updates
We have added time zones. Prior to the 8.1 release, any time stamp on a traffic log or commission was based on the local server time. So if you are in PST and your server is located in the EST time zone, you would see EST times. That is now resolved with the ability to set your time zone.


Payout levels can now use a fractional percent! This has been a long awaited update with several requests for it. You now have it available in the 8.1 release.


We’ve updated the Affiliate Training Library with more videos. Added to the collection is 25 more videos and two new categories.. Google+ and Pinterest marketing. We will have Facebook and Twitter added soon.


Are you a PrestaShop user?

prestashop with idevaffiliatewith iDevAffiliate

If you’re using PrestaShop, we have great news for you!

You’ll be happy to know our PrestaShop integration now works with the Coupon Code Commissioning feature that is already built-in to iDevAffiliate. As with all current PrestaShop integrations, this is one cart our support staff is currently (at the time of this writing) completing for all our customers. The difference in PrestaShop versions creates a number of different ways in which the integration needs done so we are handling this process for you.

New Customers Integrating With PrestaShop:
Once you’ve completed your installation of iDevAffiliate, you will eventually get to the shopping integration step of the Quick Setup Guide. Once you get to this step, simply open a support ticket and our support staff will complete the integration for you. Our latest code (with Coupon Code Commissioning support), will automatically be implemented so you will be able to use the Coupon Code Commissioning feature if you like.

Exist Customers Already Integrated With PrestaShop:
If you’d like for us to update your integration code (with Coupon Code Commissioning support), simply open a support ticket and our support staff will be happy to update your integration for you.

RELATED TOPIC: http://blog.idevaffiliate.com/coupon-code-commissioning/

iDevAffiliate + MemberMouse – Building Your Affiliate Program For MemberMouse

membermouse with iDevAffiliate

We are pleased to announce the latest integration with iDevAffiliate. This is our seamless, direct-integration with MemberMouse. This WordPress membership plugin allows you to operate any membership website or subscription business with ease. The MemberMouse integration is now built-in to, and available in the iDevAffiliate 7.4 release.

We are excited to offer this integration as an option for iDevAffiliate users as it’s one of the most advanced integrations we seen to date. Eric and his team at MemberMouse really put a nice package together. Nearly all of the existing API scripts plus some custom scripts were built to complete this highly flexible integration.

A few benefits to the MemberMouse/iDevAffiliate integration:

  • No tracking code required. In just minutes you can have both systems communicating with each other, seamlessly tracking your affiliate commissions with 100% accuracy. Absolutely no slippage in your reporting.
  • You have complete control over when commissions are tracked. Edit settings on a product by product basis. Specify special partner payouts. Cancel commissions when a refund occurs and more. Plus you get advanced functionality like tracking commissions on recurring payments, specifying their percentages, limiting their duration, and more.
  • You can optionally create affiliate accounts automatically for new members who join your site.

We highly recommend taking a look at MemberMouse if you run your business on WordPress.

Learn More

5 Sources You Might Not Be Using To Find Affiliates

Every online marketer that has been doing Internet marketing for any period of time knows you need affiliates as part of your marketing strategy. Now the big question is.. where do I find affiliates? You want quality affiliates that are self-starters and able to convey why they promote your products as well as how they work. Here are five places to find affiliates that you may not be using.

1. Social Networks

You’re already on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks. Why not look for good affiliates there?  Personal contacts on your social networks are more likely to create comments, ask intelligent questions about the launch or product, and most of all, they will have a trust factor with you.

Resources: http://www.facebook.com | http://www.twitter.com | http://plus.google.com

2. Work at Home Mom Forums

If you want a group of motivated affiliates, try any of the numerous work-at-home mom or parent forums. There are usually places to put free or moderately priced advertisements. These potential affiliates are balancing being a stay-at-home parent along with working. Many are looking for additional opportunities to earn extra income.

Resources: http://www.wahm.com | http://www.hbwm.com/ | http://www.internetbasedmoms.com/

3. Make a Pinterest Board for Recruiting Affiliates

If you haven’t explored Pinterest, it’s a great way to get opportunities out there. A case study by Boticca showed Pinterest clicks resulted in 10% sales, over Facebook’s 7%. Create a board and call it “Opportunities” or “Make Money from Home” and write what the opportunity is, don’t be vague. You get 500 characters. Also, there are a ton of boards you can join that accept posts from board members. The idea is to get your affiliate opportunities in front of the people most likely to click.

Resource: http://www.pinterest.com/

4. LinkedIn is Good for Finding Affiliates

Most people think that LinkedIn is just for networking and finding jobs. It’s actually a great place to meet people seeking affiliate opportunities. When you join, be sure to fill out your information completely. If you know someone has specific skills, and you are comfortable vouching that “Scott is a great affiliate marketer” or “Sarah has killer blog promotion skills”, chances are they will promote you back and increase your star power on LinkedIn. There is a news feed that you can post on, and just like Facebook, make every offering for affiliates a quality one, and you’ll attract quality affiliates.

Resource: http://www.linkedin.com/

5. Craigslist is Still Valid

Craigslist is still a good place to find great affiliates. There are numerous people seeking opportunities every single day. When you place an ad on Craigslist, be real about what the opportunity entails. If you already have a landing page, link to it. You can place a few ads in a few cities, just make sure each ad is unique.  Be a good member and you’ll find good potential affiliates to promote your products there.

Resource: http://www.craigslist.org/

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Running an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are commission-based operations run by a business, whereby affiliates are paid for selling products, services or leads. Whether your business is a small individually-run site or a large company, here are some great reasons you should have an affiliate program for your business:

1. Expand Your Sales ForceExpand your sales force with affiliate tracking software
An affiliate program can extend the sales force by using a commission-based model. Having an affiliate program and using affiliate software is just like adding extra members to any existing sales team you may already have. For a small or average-sized business this can open up the possibility of greatly increasing the manpower available to direct traffic to your site while for larger businesses starting an affiliate program it’s just the next obvious step in modern expansion. It’s one way to increase your stake in the market without having to physically hire more staff. Many times existing customers will choose to join an affiliate program and this makes for a great resource – they are likely already familiar with your product and will take their own steps to promote it.

2. Pay For Performance – You Only Have To Pay For Sales Delivered
pay for performance with affiliate softwareThis is one of the big positive points of affiliate marketing. As a business owner you want to get the most out of your money whether you’re a small, medium or large company and so paying based on performance is the optimal choice. You decide what you’re going to pay affiliates by coming up with a Cost Per Action (CPA) and affiliates only receive the CPA once they’ve achieved the goals you have set out for them.

3. Affiliate Programs Are Low Cost and High Rewardpay for performance
Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways there is to get your business or product out there. For instance if you are a small business in search of more subscribers and potential customers, a pay-per-lead program would be the perfect fit while for an average-sized or bigger business sales can be increased by paying out for each individual item sold. You can find the perfect motivation for affiliates and a great profit margin for the business. For a larger business the low expense of starting an affiliate program is rewarded by the opening of new online markets.

4. Affiliate Software Simplifies the Whole Process
It’s easy to download the correct affiliate software for the initial set-up and monitoring of a program. This software allows you to host the program and customize it to meet your requirements. Affiliate software lets you choose your payment options and rank affiliates based on performance while affiliate tracking software lets you keep an eye on said performance so that you can track sales, commission and profit.

Consider iDevAffiliate

5. Cutting Out The Middle-Man Saves Moneyaffiliate software
Going through an affiliate network can be expensive. Combined with the use of affiliate tracking software, the creation and monitoring of your very own affiliate program is a more affordable alternative to using a third party to facilitate the operation. It also means you get to keep all profits and if you run an efficient affiliate program you will soon see the benefits of choosing to keep the program in-house. If you run a small business, it is easy to set up a program by yourself using the software, all you have to do is keep an eye on it from time to time and with the right software a larger business can delegate the task to the administrative staff.

So there we have it, just some of the key reasons any business should use affiliate software to set up their own program. As online marketing continues to advance, creating your own affiliate program is a wise choice to ensure your business continues to grow and sales continue to rise. With such a reasonable start-up cost and ease of use, it’s the smart choice for savvy businesses.