5 Steps to creating a sizzling opt-in gift

When I first ventured into affiliate marketing, I thought any gift I slapped on my website, as long as it was free, was going to get me an email address. And maybe 7 years ago that may have been true.


The free gift you offer on your website needs to provide a solution to your reader’s problem

But seeing those irresistible (sometimes) freebies on websites has become more common and now it’s odd if a website doesn’t have a giveaway of some or other type.

Some sizzle and some fizzle

Which leads me to this point: because there’s so many freebies available on the net, I’ve become a lot more selective over what free gift I will exchange my details for. I know for a fact that most people have.

And let’s face it: some giveaways sizzle and others well, simply fizzle.

So what’s the difference between a free gift that extracts loads of email addresses, and those that drip in the odd one here and there? I’m going to tell you in a bit.

The Big Boys of affiliate marketing will always tell you “the money’s in the email list”, so we know that getting your website visitors to give their email address is vital to building your business, and further down the line, your bank account.

But how do you create a sizzling opt-in gift that your visitors will find hard to resist, so that you can build your email list faster?

When you think about it, it’s really quite simple: the answer is to offer something of value.

How to create a value-add freebie

  1. solution

    When creating your opt-in gift, provide a solution to your target market’s problem

    Think of a tip or technique in your niche that can genuinely help your targeted website visitors to get an instant result to a problem they are encountering. The gift must lead to something of an “ah yes!” exclamation on their side.

  2. To think of a tip or technique in your niche that will provide a solution to your visitors, you need to understand your target market. If you need some help with that, Hubspot provides helpful and uncomplicated suggestions of conducting market research.
  3. To understand your audience, find forums in your niche and see what people are saying. You are bound to start noticing a common thread, and once you do, you will have a better idea of what need to fulfill.
  4. Start your creation by asking yourself, “How can I add value to my readers? What is a deep need they have that I can fulfill instantly with the gift I provide?” If you do it this way, you will build credibility and trust, and once you have that, it’s much easier to sell your goods.
  5. Your freebies should be your best work. I heard you gasp! And I hear you say, “But, if I give away my best stuff for free, what’s left to sell?” Thing is, your freebies act as your showcase. What you give as a free gift may determine whether the receiver becomes a customer one day, or not. Your freebie is more than likely the first impression your visitor has of you. It’s got to count! If you’re marketing an affiliate product, the vendor sometimes provides free gifts for you to distribute, so make use of those. And if they do not fit what you are trying to do, then create your own free gift.

Actually, if you’re always focused on your prospect’s needs, you are bound to succeed in your affiliate marketing efforts.