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iDevAffiliate patches and updates.

iDevAffiliate 9.2 Release

Our latest release, iDevAffiliate 9.2 is now available. This is a security heavy update with support now for the current releases of PHP, 7.1 and 7.2. We’ve also added a RESTful API for developers.

Major Features Added/Updated
  • Security: CSRF/XSS updated
  • Force SSL option added
  • PHP 7.1 and 7.2 support added – Now 5.6 – 7.2 are supported
  • RESTful API added
  • Affiliate lockout feature added for failed login attempts
  • IPv6 support added
  • New Mailing List Integrations: Infusionsoft, ConvertKit and SendGrid
  • New Tax Report added
  • GDPR Related: Create a Privacy Policy
  • GDPR Related: Hide IP from traffic logs in affiliate dashboard
  • New Plugin: Sliding Scale Commissions
  • Library Update: Smarty Templates
  • Library Update: PHP Mailer
  • Date/Time feature updated for more options

In addition to the major updates/additions above, various bug fixes have been implemented as well.

Developers can now make use of the new RESTful API we’ve implemented. This is in addition to the basic API we’ve always offered.

Define multiple commission scale rates based on the purchase amount. For example, you can pay 10% for all orders ranging $1.00 – $10.00 and 12% for all orders ranging $10.00 – $20.00. The scale levels you can create are limitless and work with both pay-per-sale percentage and flat rate commissioning structures.

How Do I Get This Update?

Cloud Customers
You have already been updated to the current release! You can login now and start using the new features.

Existing Self-Hosted Customers
Login to your customer account on our website.
Login Now

Once logged in, click on My Packages then View Details (next to your iDevAffiliate order) and click the Downloads button and download iDevAffiliate 9.2.

New Customers
Just purchase iDevAffiliate and you will automatically get iDevAffiliate 9.2 whether you choose the self-hosted or cloud option.

iDevAffiliate 9.2 Release Now Available

Google/Mozilla Update

Important Note About This Update
This update only affects customers using the downloadable version who have installed iDevAffiliate prior to October 11, 2017. Cloud customer accounts have already been patched and should not be affected.

Patch Background
This update concerns the design of our custom incoming traffic page links. This feature offers two options. The second option “Manual Link Creation“, is the one in question here. When using this option, affiliates can define their own incoming traffic page directly in affiliate links. Like this: &url=

This can be potentially harmful and exploited. As a result, we have completely removed this option from the current release. You will want to update your installation using the instructions below. Once the patch is applied, the above option will no longer be available. However, affiliates can still drive traffic to alternate pages using option #1 which is “Automated Link Creation” where they enter the URL in to their affiliate account and we provide them with a special link to use.

The Error Shown By Google
Until this patch is implemented, you could possibly be given warnings from google showing this potential exploit.

Your affiliate program may also wind up on the “google harmful programs” list. Don’t worry, we’ll show you to go get removed below!

So, if you’re seeing either of these issues, this patch update will fix it. If you aren’t seeing it and haven’t implemented the patch yet, please do so now to ensure this doesn’t happen.

How To Fix It!
You will need to upload a couple patch files then request removal from Google.

iDevAffiliate 9 Users
Step 1: Download the patch update. Unzip the package to your local computer. Then, using FTP, upload the folders/files in their current structure to your existing iDevAffiliate folder. Allow these new files to overwrite your existing files.

Download 9.1 Patch Files Download 9.0 Patch Files

If you’re using any version earlier than 9.2, the best option is to upgrade to the current version as it has this bug fix built-in to it already. See: How To Upgrade

Step 2: Request removal of your affiliate program from Google.

Request Removal From Google

Most customers see removal within a few hours.

iDevAffiliate 8 and Below Users
Anything iDevAffiliate 8 or older are many years old now and no longer supported. The proper method to fix this Google issue, along with many other security related updates/patches will be to update your system from v8 to v9.

Upgrading From An Earlier Release
Here are instructions for downloading the current version of your product.

Login to your Client Area here:

Once logged in, click on “Details & Download” next to your order then click on the “Download iDevAffiliate“. You’ll want to download the latest possible version. Once downloaded to your computer, unzip the package and inside you’ll find a readme.pdf file that has the step-by-step installation instructions.

NOTE: If you aren’t eligible to download the latest release it means your upgrades extension has expired (you received 1 year free with your purchase). You can click “Renewal Required” to purchase the upgrade extension for $89.99 which will get you to the latest release.

iDevAffiliate 9.1 Release Now Available

We are happy to announce our latest release, iDevAffiliate 9.1. Sprinkled in with some new features as well as existing feature updates, comes PHP 7.0 compatibility. Oh, and it has a pretty map now too! 🙂

iDevAffiliate 9.1 Release Now Available!

iDevAffiliate 9.1 Release Now Available

Webhooks for Developers

Get Webhook notifications for various activities throughout your affiliate program.
Webhooks Documentation

Affiliate Dashboard Themes

We’ve added two more themes for a total of three options. Plus you can now replicate an existing theme to create your own. We’ve added more theme options as well as more control over the front-end theme content.

iDevAffiliate 9.1 Release Now Available

iDevAffiliate 9.1 Release Now Available

Geo Targeting

Based on geographical location (Country), you can now route traffic to alternate pages and you can have the landing page appending with the incoming Country code.

iDevAffiliate 9.1 Release Now Available

New Mailing List Integrations

We have added Vertical Response, Active Campaign and Campaign Monitor as mailing integration options.

Various Features Added/Updated
  • Individual incoming traffic page override
  • Easier to use search function
  • Improved plugin management UI
  • Updated IP table for geo locations
  • Numerous bug/patch updates
New Product Requirements

As technologies advance and grow, so does the iDevAffiliate requirements. 🙂

  • PHP 5.6 or higher (including PHP 7.0)
  • MySQL 5 or higher w/ PDO enabled
  • ionCube enabled
  • Mycrypt enabled
  • cURL enabled

Most hosting providers meet these requirements by default.

How do I get this update?

Existing Customers
If you are using the downloadable version, login to your customer account on our website.
Login Now

Once logged in, click on My Packages then View Details (next to your iDevAffiliate order)and click the Downloads button and download iDevAffiliate 9.1.

If you are using the cloud edition, you will be upgraded over time but if you’d like to be moved to the front of the list, just open a ticket and request the upgrade now.
Contact Us

New Customers
Just purchase iDevAffiliate and you will automatically get iDevAffiliate 9.1!

iDevAffiliate 9.1 Release Now Available

Welcome.. iDevAffiliate 9.0!

Somewhere in the midst of rolling out tons of new cart integrations, we’ve managed to complete iDevAffiliate 9! This latest version of iDevAffiliate has a completely new backend, updated for todays technologies. The new backend is now written with PDO, replacing the old and deprecated mysql_ queries. Due its popularity and feedback from existing customers, the administrative center uses the same theme but rest assured this is a new iDevAffiliate! In addition to the backend, we’ve added and enhanced a ton of features.

idevaffiliate 9.0 login

Social Media Marketing

With our new addon designed specifically for iDevAffiliate 9, you now have the ability to create social media campaigns your affiliates can share to both Facebook and Twitter, directly from their affiliate panel!

social media marketing affiliate program

Video Marketing

Add MP4, YouTube and Vimeo videos for your affiliate to market with. The options are heavy on this one.. pre-rolls, splash screens, intro skip, etc.

video marketing for affiliates

Alternate Repeat/Recurring Commission Amounts

Now you can optionally set an alternate repeat/recurring commission amount. For example, you can pay 20% on the first sale delivered then 15% on all additional/future sales. Or, if you’re doing recurring commissions you could do something like 25% for the first month then 20% for each month thereafter.

alternating affiliate commissions

iDevAffiliate 9 Gets A New Theme!

You’ve got tons of options to play with including layout options, color schemes, the ability to create your own theme and a built-in HTML/CSS editor.. no more FTP needed to edit files!

idevaffiliate 9 theme

Built-in page editor:
idevaffiliate editing files

Debits Feature

affiliate debit

In addition to these features, we’ve added a ton more! We’ll save you from having to scroll and endless amount of screenshots and highlight the rest here.

Mailing List Integrations

We’ve added in a few more mailing list integrations using the most current APIs available.

get responseaweberconstantcontacticontactmailchimp

More Languages Added

We’ve added 12 new languages to help you open new markets across the globe.

russian affiliate program Russian
ukranian affiliate program Ukrainian
polish affiliate program Polish
chinese affiliate program Mandarin Chinese
chinese affiliate program Traditional Chinese
hungarian affiliate program Hungarian
turkish affiliate program Turkish
finnish affiliate program Finnish
hebrew affiliate program Hebrew
japanese affiliate program Japanese
korean affiliate program Korean
vietnamese affiliate program Vietnamese

These are in addition to the 6 additional language packs already available and updated.

german affiliate program German
spanish affiliate program Spanish
italian affiliate program Italian
french affiliate program French
portuguese affiliate program Portuguese
dutch affiliate program Dutch

usa based affiliate program English is provided by default offering a total of 19 languages!

New Cart Systems

Too many to add here.. more than 25 new cart integrations have been added. Most in the form of custom built plugins, many of which support features like our coupon code and per-product commissioning features.

Checkout All The Cart Integrations

More Features Added
  • Stripe added as payment option
  • Bulk removal of processing errors
  • Add custom pages (private and public)
  • Enhanced commission record w/ more detail
  • Post-Payment printable invoice
  • Individual VAT override, per account
  • Individual tracking log duration, per account
  • CSV import for coupon codes
  • Pass Google Analytics (utm) data
  • Private admin notes on commissions
  • Image attachment to affiliate notes
  • Enhanced fraud protection features
  • Plus.. tons of bug fixes and minor feature enhancements
New Product Requirements

As technologies advance and grow, so does the iDevAffiliate requirements. 🙂

  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • MySQL 5 or higher w/ PDO enabled
  • ionCube enabled w/ loader 4.7 or higher
  • Mycrypt enabled
  • cURL enabled

Most hosting providers meet these requirements by default.

How do I get this update?

Existing Customers
Login to your customer account on our website.
Login Now

Once logged in, click on My Packages then View Details (next to your iDevAffiliate order)and click the Downloads button and download iDevAffiliate 9.

New Customers
Just purchase iDevAffiliate and you will automatically get iDevAffiliate 9 available to you for installation!

iDevAffiliate 8.1 Update

We are happy to announce the release of iDevAffiliate 8.1. This is really a maintenance release with some small bug fixes and a few new feature enhancements. The primary motive for this release is to make iDevAffiliate PHP 5.5 compliant. With this new release comes a new requirement. iDevAffiliate now requires PHP 5.3 or higher whereas the old requirements were simply 5.0 or higher. Most servers already have PHP 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5 enabled and this shouldn’t be an issue but before upgrading your system, please confirm with your web hosting provider and/or server admin.

How To Upgrade!
The upgrade is currently available for you in the client area on our website. Please review the PDF document (button below) for step-by-step upgrade instructions from iDevAffiliate 8.0 to 8.1.

PDF – iDevAffiliate 8.0 to 8.1 Upgrade Instructions

New Installation
The download package available in your account after purchase already includes the 8.1 installation package.

What’s new in the 8.1 release?
As mentioned above, we have enhanced a few features and patched a few minor bugs.. as well as added and updated a few of the cart integration instructions.

Patch Updates

  • mod_security bug resolved – for those who have mod_security enabled.
  • SEO link bug in Email Templates resolved.
  • Affiliate Training Videos: Logo display resolved – only affected some servers.
  • Affiliate Training Videos: Ability to select specific videos on/off resolved.
  • Affiliate Training Videos: New IPN method for ordering videos implemented – old method was bugged.
  • PPC bug resolved.

New/Updated Cart Integrations

  • Added: Pro Wager Systems
  • Added: Optimize Press
  • Updated: OpenCart
  • Updated: MemberMouse
  • Updated: PrestaShop

Feature Updates
We have added time zones. Prior to the 8.1 release, any time stamp on a traffic log or commission was based on the local server time. So if you are in PST and your server is located in the EST time zone, you would see EST times. That is now resolved with the ability to set your time zone.


Payout levels can now use a fractional percent! This has been a long awaited update with several requests for it. You now have it available in the 8.1 release.


We’ve updated the Affiliate Training Library with more videos. Added to the collection is 25 more videos and two new categories.. Google+ and Pinterest marketing. We will have Facebook and Twitter added soon.


iDevAffiliate 8 Is Finally Here!

We are pleased to announce, the long awaited iDevAffiliate 8 is now available for download in your account. The new version has an update user interface making it much more user friendly and easier to manage.


Along with the new UI, comes more than 30 built-in admin training videos consisting of more than 3 1/2 hours worth of instructions.


We’ve stripped out any/all Flash features from the new version. As you may or may not be aware, Flash is not compatible with mobile devices and we all know mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. Any older Flash based features have been replaced with HTML5 versions. One example would be Page Peels which now run with HTML5/CSS instead of Flash.

Another new enhancement is the email feature. We’ve upgraded it so you can email all your affiliates using your provided tokens without worry of a browser timeout. Little things that make a nice difference have been added such as being able to set a direct URL for banners and sort all your marketing materials so they are delivered to your affiliates just the way you want them to be.


Like to offer your affiliates training videos? You got it. With iDevAffiliate 8 you can now upload your own Youtube or Vimeo videos.. or we have our affiliate training videos package available now with the ability to brand your own logo directly inside our professionally built video library! VAT has been added as an option as well as PDF invoicing.


We’ve also added GEO identification to incoming traffic as well as commission records.


Also added as an add-on module, is Vanity Coupon Codes. If you’re doing coupon code commissioning, this feature will allow your affiliates to request a specific coupon code that you can then approve or decline for them.

Of course no major update would be complete without enhanced security features and tons of little updates to existing features!

How do I get this update?

Existing Customers
Login to your customer account on our website.
Login Now

Once logged in, click on My Packages then View Details (next to your iDevAffiliate order), then click the Downloads button and download iDevAffiliate 8.

New Customers
Just purchase iDevAffiliate and you will automatically get iDevAffiliate 8 available to you for installation!

Go To Ordering Options


iDevAffiliate 7.4 Update

Get The iDevAffiliate 7.4 Update

I know it’s only been a few weeks since the iDevAffiliate 7.3 update but we really felt the need to get this update package out to you as quickly as possible. As we all know, the usage of “smart devices” such as tablets and smart phones to access the Internet is steadily becoming more and more popular. That being said, we always want to present our visitors with the best possible viewing experience. The 7.4 update now includes a “responsive” template. If you’re not familiar with the term “responsive” where web development is concerned, have a look at the video below for a demonstration and tutorial on the new templates being offered with iDevAffiliate.

Get The iDevAffiliate 7.4 Update

affiliate program for member mouse for wordpress
Also included with the iDevAffiliate 7.4 release, is a new integration with Member Mouse! This is an exciting integration for us primarily because we’ve yet to see such an in-depth integration be completed with iDevAffiliate. Eric and his team at Member Mouse really went above and beyond with the integration. This isn’t just the typical “create a commission” integration. They have basically taken advantage of all the APIs we make available for commission removal, and we even built-in some new stuff just for Member Mouse for Payout Level assignments and much more. For the complete list of things this incredible integration does, have a look at the video below.

Member Mouse Integration Videos Member Mouse Integration Tutorial

If you ordered professional update service to 7.3, we’ll be happy to update your system to 7.4 for you, free of charge until Nov 1st, 2013. Simply open a support ticket and provide us with your order number and/or payment receipt number as well as required login credentials (FTP and iDevAffiliate).

Get The iDevAffiliate 7.4 Update

iDevAffiliate 7.3 Update

Simply click the link below and you can download the latest update for iDevAffiliate 7.

We are pleased to announce the release of iDevAffiliate patch update version 7.3. Included in this release is one significant update which is the affiliate control panel templates. The affiliate front-end templates have been updated using Twitter Bootstrap. Here’s a peak at the new affiliate control panel.

iDevAffilaite 7.3 Update w/ QR Codes

Included with the new template is also a new feature.
We’ve added QR Code marketing for your affiliates!


– Patched minor bug in signup form.

– New template pack.
– Updated Text Ads.
– Updated Lightbox code.

A new look for Text Ads!
New textads for iDevAffiliate 7

Simply click the link below and you can download the latest update for iDevAffiliate 7.

View Earlier Updates Included In This Package

iDevAffiliate 7.2 Update


Main Screen Image

We’re pleased to announce the release of iDevAffiliate 7.2. This is a very reports oriented release. We have added a ton of new reports, created new features, added another addon module, created database updates for better efficiency and even managed to fix a couple bugs along the way! This update is free for all iDevAffiliate 7 users and is available at the following link.

Here’s the official list of new stuff added to the 7.2 release!

You now have a ton of new reports! Most have charts to go along with them and they are all exportable to MS Excel. Just click on the REPORTS in the header of your new 7.2 admin center and you’ll find all your reporting options.

Main Page Reports

T&C Report
This report works with the newly modified Terms and Conditions feature. Now when you update the Terms and Conditions for your affiliate program, the original T&C is stored rather then discarded. As affiliates “accept” the T&C at the time of login, their acceptance is recorded. This report shows you which affiliates accepted which of your T&Cs with date/time of acceptance.

Traffic Logs
You can now Export Tracking Logs to MS Excel as well as see your Top Referring URLs.
Traffic Logs

Top Affiliates
Top Affiliates

Daily Report
Daily Report

Trends Report
Report by date range on your new affiliates, commsisions, traffic and revenue.
Trends Report

Private Signup
This addon module allows you to set your affiliate signup to private. You can create signup codes (with expiration) that are required for creating an account.

Purchase Here:

– Password edit fixed.
– CommissionAlert link resolved when disabled.
Enhancement: Database index adjustments for faster display of charts/stats.

– Added a definable maximum commission amount in the fraud control settings.
– Added ability to email top-tier affiliates when they get tier signups below them.
– Added “no follow” option to marketing materials.
– Added ability to create your own email language pack.
– Added ability to create your own language pack (requires language packs addon module).
– Added ability to change the commission assignment at time of approval.
– Deleted commissions are now archived for re-instatement or permanent removal.
– Deleted affiliate accounts are now archived for re-instatement or permanent removal.
– Added IP address to affiliate record.
– Added sale amount when manually creating a commission in the admin center.
– Terms and Conditions logging and reporting.
– Custom variables are now optionally editable and shown throughout the admin center.
– Added more shopping cart integrations and revised existing.
– Now PHP 5.4 compliant.

Screenshot of new commission approval page with ability to re-assign the commission to a different affiliate. Tier and Override commissions automatically adjust for the newly assigned affiliate!
Change Commission Assignment

We highly encourage anyone running iDevAffiliate 7 to get updated to this release. The reports are definately worth it! Here’s the link again for the patch update and instructions: